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  Obtaining value-added compounds from lignocellulosic biomass or different industrial by-products (eg. crude glycerine, molasses) represents a great business opportunity. The use of these raw materials not only affords clear economic benefits but also results in environmental advantages by minimizing the use of dangerous reagents and the production of polluting residues, whilst reducing the demand for energy, among other factors.

MicroBiOil® is a technology platform to produce high added value microbial oils(triglycerides) able to be used for second-generation and  other oleo chemical derivatives. Via the use of specific micro-organisms, renewable feedstock or industrial by-products are metabolized as the sole carbon source to obtain an oily biomass (more than 50% oil content on dry basis). Due to its fatty-acid composition these oils are suitable to be used as raw materials to produce biodiesel, renewable diesel or biokerosen as well as other oleo products, such as bio surfactants, bio lubricants….

All processes and micro-organisms used have been fully developed by Neol and are protected by world-wide patents.

Neol offers these technologies in the form of out-licensing agreements, technical consultancy contracts and technical assistance.
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